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The Wheels In My Mind Go 'Round and 'Round

I am forever trying to figure things out…

In relation to the Task Force:

Why can I go completely unobserved by any of the JADE members 50 times but then it's like all of a sudden every one of the JADE guys will notice me 5 minutes before I even appear?

How can a Detective study my face under the glare of his flashlight on one night yet not recognize me when I walk by him twice the following night?

How can I follow a Sergeant for five miles one day without him seeing me but the next day he’s on to me in less than five blocks?

Something is different in every instance. What is it? Is it me or is it them? A combination of both?

The problem with these kind of questions is the answers are hard to get. And the problem with the answers when I think I get them is they lead to more of these kind of questions.

I will forever be trying to figure things out…