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$1 Wager

I’m not entirely sure if, early on, it was instinctual, but I tried to be extra careful when it came to studying two particular Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement men.

Eventually, based on their ages, their training (both the amount and type of), some of the gossip I’d gotten, and my own observation of them, I was under the impression they’d be more likely to resort to violence sooner and less likely to flinch at using unnecessary force than the other Task Force Officers.

Quite frankly I didn’t want to be ripped out of my car and smashed face-first into the pavement simply because these guys have an ounce more testosterone than their buddies -- seemed like that'd be, I don’t know, painful.

Hey I could've been totally wrong. Could've been the JADE guys I was less cautious with were actually the ones who would've strangled me with their bare hands. Of course nowadays they’d all probably like to do that.

Nevertheless, the duo got the same treatment as their counterparts; I just handled them differently. I think it paid off too. I bet you a buck neither one of them can correctly cite just two instances where we were close enough to share a brainwave. I’ll even give one of them a couple of hints: