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The Letter -- With Commentary

The Letter.

So they’re plainly paving the way for forthcoming actions they might take against me. Nifty. I guess I should thank them for the tip off: Thanks!

Listen, these law enforcement officers didn’t have a clue I was even around until some hairdresser or whatever she is, an employee who works in the same building as Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, pointed me out to a pair of Task Force guys after she saw me openly taking pictures.

For weeks after that incident, nary a soul contacted me about so-called interference or alarm despite the fact that my “behaviors” were ongoing throughout.

Since the only thing that changed was their sudden discovery of iHeArTEjade, I’m of the opinion that what it all boils down to is that they’re embarrassed. What’s posted on the site isn’t anti-cop by any means but, let’s face it, it’s not flattering for a small group of them. What the heck, it doesn’t flatter me either and these are my versions which are supposed to make me look good!

As for the “fear for their safety and that of their families” hyperbole, if they didn’t want their families in danger they could’ve gotten jobs in a yo-yo factory. I once asked Longhead why he became a policeman; his exact response was “I got out of the military and didn’t want to sit behind a desk.” I believe it’s the only honest thing the jerk ever told me. No matter what his reason, he deliberately chose an occupation that by its very nature is dangerous. If his wife and children are at risk by his decision, that’s on him. The same goes for every one of the JADE TFOs who, regardless of their respective reasons, purposely picked the identical hazardous career.

I’m not buying their claim of fright in relation to my actions anyway. What do they think, some disgruntled armed crackhead will recognize them by their doggies? Oh please. I’ve used pseudonyms for people, and either cropped their faces out of pictures or posted back shots. I don’t have to do that; I choose to. Just like I choose to not put up license plates, addresses and phone numbers, images of CIs, tactical information… jeepers, it’s endless! And even if I did change my mind about that, I tend to think the only one who’d be endangered would be me.

Maybe it seems I’m being a bit… coldhearted. I’m not worried -- about coming across that way, or about what law enforcement may do. They can throw whatever ball they want at me; chances are I’ve got a glove or a bat ready for it. And if I don’t, well, that’s kinda part of what makes the game fun.