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Kops Karry Keys On Karabiners

Pop Quiz: How many JADE TFOs possess this practical little contraption?

For after-dark occasions when I need a decent light source but not one that will attract attention, I have a 3 x ½ inch mini LED flashlight. It has a thin elastic band I attached to it thus allowing me to a) use it hands-free, b) not chance dropping/losing it, and c) tuck it away quickly should the need to do so arise. For nighttimes when I need bigger and better -- and don’t mind resembling a lighthouse on a shore at midnight -- I use a 2D Cell LED MAGLITE.

A pricier torch that can be found in the hands of JADE is the Pelican 7060 LED.

I had an opportunity to test one out once and personally didn’t care for it much. Whenever I tried to hold it the way I’d like to it felt off-balance, and the switch on the bottom is more sensitive than the feelings of a 13 year old girl -- too many unintentional activations. I will say it’s probably perfect for blazing someone’s mug, which, I suspect, is largely one of the reasons JADE uses it.