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Less Wisecracks, More Vicefacts

I confess my last two posts were essentially raspberries, complete with puckered lips for maximum spray of spit, blown across cyberspace. Getting back down to business I offer the following information for those interested.

As to be expected, members of Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement take turns being the “on call” officers for the Task Force. On a rotating basis, for a span of seven consecutive days starting on Tuesdays, one Sergeant and two Detectives are available for call out. Since there are only two Sergeants, obviously they swap out every week. The rest of the men, the Detectives, can go two or three weeks before their name comes up again in the rotation.

If I’m not mistaken, this week’s trio is Dasani, Rasmussen, and Pringle, then for the dates of December 16 - 22, it’s Mouse, Skoal, and Spot. But I haven’t checked yet to be sure.