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Something strange is going on with the Virginia State Police. Yeah, no, not like in-general; expressly with I HeArTE JADE.

Y’all know that I get a kick out of messin’ with Special Agent Jason Trent.

Well, through a source, I was led to believe that, though I remain under investigation, Mr. Trent is not the case man anymore.

So, at first, I was all: If this is true, Hooray! He can go back to pretending he’s a 14-year-old girl, and I can stop pretending to be fixated on him.

But, next, I was all: If this is true, why the change? Maybe they feel I’m fixated on him. Huh.

I had to corroborate the information -- because, sometimes, even the best grapevine can produce bad fruit, and because I’m completely incapable of not verifying things.

Only, before I got the chance to really get started on that, I got additional, other, information. This time it came with names.

It appears, uhm -- sorry to be mysterious -- it has something to do with a few of the… I’ll call them “Big Guns” of the VSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

I think it’s from me picking on their BCI pal. Which makes me declare, in caps: BUT, BUT, BUT I’M BEING GOOD!

I aim to sort it out to a logical conclusion.

This just gets larger, and goes on longer, and involves more and more and more and more people. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

And, to think, one man has the power to make all this go away.