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I M Bean On Mai Bestest Beehiveyour

Dunno why that last word up there went all like uber-ugly bad Brit accent but, since it works, I’m keepin’ it. Turns out concocting distinctive titles on a regular basis is not as easy as one might expect. Now that I’m vexing degree-of-difficulty, those Bullet Lists of mine are the hardest things to do! But back to the topic: Conduct -- specifically, mine.

I gathered from my last conversation with Virginia SP BCI SA Jason Trent (G-O-O-G-L-E), as long as they’re content I’m not doing anything “new,” I’m safe from arrest. Apparently the ongoing updates to iHeArTEjade do not constitute “new.” Provided I’m posting pictures that depict last fall’s foliage or stories that describe gelid weather conditions denoting the tail is not recent, that is. And using nothing -- current or yore -- that outs Task Force informants. No bringing up their in-progress drug investigations, either. Come to think of it, there’s a heck of a lot of stipulations.

Did you just hear something? That was the sound of my eyes rolling.

Ordinarily I’d snub illegitimate dictations issued by Law Enforcement, and keep on keeping on, but I’ve a few matters of extreme interest under construction which are compelling me to not be haled in metal loops by Agent Trent any time soon. Whereas I believe it’d be tough and a half for the powers that be to get a conviction for anything I’ve done or am doing, a combat in court to prove that will have to wait.

Avoid the two Detectives, Truck and Longhead, that are being especially pissy about this I HeArTE JADE junk? Check. Take extra extra care with site entries and images? Sure. Leave the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force be? Not a chance.