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Put Your Lips To My Ear And Blow; I Need A Refill!

Do people know I remove information contained in Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement documents prior to publication? Alas, I thought they did. I can be so purblind.

There I was, believing my method of data modification was kinda sharp, pretending I’m all clever and junk to not let the Task Force know how I might’ve managed to smudge my fingerprints all across their stuff, having the impression I’m gaining credibility with readers by intel. supplying, when somebody went and rerouted my parade on a detour under the flow of Niagara Falls with his sentence “Oh. I thought it was, like, an empty form.”

OMG. You thought I… I… go through all the trouble of getting… that I’d show off the fact that I… nothing more than… BLANK PAPERS? Aha Ha Ha Ha haha

Ohhhh kaaay. Guess that’s what I get for disfavoring the look of flagrant redaction:

I fervently swear on my superpowers (that I wish I had) that items in my JADE collection are loaded with content:
jade charlottesville

‘Course some might be of the opinion none of these objects are even for real, much less actual JADE material, but since I’m onto the possibility they think that, I now return to fancying myself smart as a pistol-whip.