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Makes Sense To Me

I got to thinking (‘cause I can’t. stop. doing. that.) I HeArTE JADE might appear to be a chaotic mess of entries put up indiscriminately by a person stricken with Aclutteredosis Mindoma. Now my brain definitely has its quirks but disorganized it is not. I swear it’s as clear as Rakia up there. Um, right, maybe comparing what’s in my head to fermented fruit brandy is not the best way to make my point.

Contrary to the look of the place, I carefully consider what I incorporate here. Everything is suitable for a general audience, though some components are lightsomely tailored to needle the Task Force Officers a bit. I heard a pair of specific pictures I put up were a big hit with a certain detective. Too cute. Every now and again I intentionally make obscure references and wonder if the Drug Enforcement men they were directed at get them.

There are things that I deliberately don’t post about until mucho tiempo ha pasado. Typically the reason for this is to avoid scorching a source or myself. Often all that’s necessary to protect people is a dent of deferral, after which information and experiences can be shared with impunity. Even the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement guys will let the clock roll over after one of their informants asserts drugs are in a residence before they go tearing into the dwelling -- same principle.

There are things I’ll probably not be able to write about ever. Most hilarious freaking JADE story I’ve got will never make it to print and the cruddiest part about it is I can’t even hint as to why. Another one that I’ve already put into words is interesting except its ending has bad news for someone. It’s the kind of news that will mutilate a heart and, since I don’t want to be responsible for that kind of damage, it doesn’t need to be here. You ask: Why not just alter or omit portions in cases like that? Changing minor details and fessing up to them with a * or by comment in (these) is where I draw the lyin’.

While I try to compose my material in a way that I hope others will find attractive, I repress embellishment. My escapades, my thoughts and perspectives, my screw-ups extraordinaire, JADE documents, JADE pictures and audio, JADE complacency, if people don’t believe the content here is honest-to-goodness real, that’s A-OK. This blog is supposed to be entertaining and informative. Accepting what you find on it as true? Entirely up to you.

I guess the most disorderly part about is the unsystematicness… systematicless… unsystematiclessness… whatever… of the entries themselves. There are no prearranged Tactics Tuesdays, or Shadowing Saturdays (which would be ironic in view of the fact that JADE TFOs don’t work weekends). But that’s what the post labels are for.

Now that I’ve cleared a whole lot of nothing up, Rakia anyone?