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Wat I Iz Thinking Abowt @ 01:35

How would Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement know when photographs on I HeArTE JADE were shot?

I mean, if I toss up a picture of the TFO’s automobile that got a helluva tint job:

And exhibit the raindrops on its rear windshield:

And bumper:

The facts that a) I referenced the vehicle’s change in appearance more than two months ago and b) the local region has been drizzly and wet for the past two days, aren’t enough for much more than a vague estimate of time frame (especially given that the latter may or may not be relevant).

If it’s that indeterminate for cars which have datable distinctive alterations, it has to be even harder to timestamp ones which don’t:

jade charlottesville
That could’ve been taken three days ago or three years ago -- who’s to say?