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Whatcha Doin' This Weekend?

Tonight officially begins my second 48 hours in the slammer. Depending on the capriciousness of they that run the place, I may be in there for 72. Any which way, here’s to great site fodder!

Some random stuff relating to last week:

On I HeArTE JADE blogging… I am so glad I held back publishing my account of the month in 2009 I spent in Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. Aside from possibly incurring the beastliness of a handful of Correctional Officers during this recent stint, half my tricks for survival would’ve been rendered useless.

On hitchhiking there… I made sure I got to the area in plenty of time lest I had to walk the whole way to ACRJ from where I parked my car. The upside was I caught a ride as soon as I crossed the street and stuck out my thumb; the downside was I arrived at the establishment ridiculously early and had to hang around their waiting room before they’d let me check in.

On Intake… Through the pseudo-glass partitions I got a glimpse of my favorite ACPD troublemaker: Officer Eric Kudro himself. I thought of a million witty things to holler at the boyish-looking powerhouse who’s known for getting sloshed and slurping syrup but, considering he’s been being almost good lately, I just grinned at him and left it at that.

On ACRJ personnel… I recognized a lot of the guards from last time. Truth be told, a few are triple evil, a few are honest-to-heaven angels, and the majority are completely indifferent to everyone around them.

On hitchhiking back… ‘Twas a dark and stormy night. A mother of two, traveling alone, in a minivan picked me up. It got me thinking that maybe Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement should spitcan all their officers and replace them with soccer moms -- since they seem to be a lot less fearful than current Task Force members.