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Currently The Best. Thing. Ever.

“On Sunday [October 17, 2010], The [Richmond] Times-Dispatch published a lengthy article about the salaries of state employees, and made them available online.”
Open Government: State Salaries

State issues e-mail to employees regarding FOI request for salaries

So curious me started searching specific officers merely to see what they’re taking in. First in the query box was of course the JADE Task Force’s Virginia State Policeman Joe Fleming ($53,331), followed by BCI Special Agent Jason Trent ($57,352).

By the time I was looking up Mikes Monroe ($73,780) and Bailey ($69,753), Joseph Rader ($80,135), Dino Cappuzzo ($51,008), not to mention Fox ($!!,!!!), I realized I wasn’t making the most of this fabulous resource.

So info-junkie me limited searches strictly to Job Title. I also discovered how handy the Federal Classification Title link is when coupled with that option. Name after name after name displayed! And y’all know what I think of that: once you’ve got a name, you’ve got everything.

Hafta love free entertainment.