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Did I mention...

The judge in my Greene County case is the same as my City of Charlottesville judge is the same as my County of Albemarle judge? I never knew “coincidental” could be spelled Y-E-A-H-R-I-G-H-T.

Said judge is a former State Trooper? Gee. That explains... well, everything.

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force has a new member? Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force has a new member!

Those officers I wrote of weren’t in the special room because they had to be, they were in there because they wanted to be? ‘Twas legit ridic. I arrogant snobby pricks.

Allegedly someone swiped the AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY sign from the door to the Task Force’s office? They prolly took the dang thing down themselves, the cheezballs.

Now-notorious JADE vehicles, if multiple sources are to be believed, can no longer be found in the lot overnight or on weekends? Meh. Who cares?

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force has a new member? In case you missed me mentioning it the first two times.

On my final stay at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, an inmate recognized me from the print edition of The Hook? Ya seriously want me to autograph your copy -- not-uh! Lemme get a pen…

The items seized from my car were sent to JMU for examination? My sigh of relief when I found this out was so huge that people in California thought it was an earthquake.