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Yet Moore And More Funnies From Law Enforcement

Members of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have to report to their agency any instance images of their persons, cars, homes, et cetera, are publicized. Least that’s what ATF Agent Michael Moore told me while standing in my living room; he alleged the policy is a matter of “safety.” But what do you think the chances are that the smooth Mr. Moore went yapping to the ATF Bureau when the above picture of him was published by PilotOnline? Probably not as good as the chances of him doing so now that I’ve put it on my equally harmless site.

Reminds me of Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Sgt. Joe Hatter whining over me showing everyone, via I HeArTE JADE, how I discovered where he lives, then, two months after the Task Force and the Virginia State Police use that as the basis for my arrest and two days after my end-result clone convictions on obstruction of justice charges, that same Sgt. Hatter appeared in video and print in a worldwide news story -- about how the City of Charlottesville got him a house merely for being a police officer -- which featured him, his residence, plus his wife and children. Seriously. Look it up.

The unction of these lawmen is deserving of typewritten unrestrained ridicule. Which I will commence. The second I stop laughing at them.