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Have been without in-home Internet connection for ever. Ever, I tell ya! After waiting eons for the repairman to come riding up on his white horse in his white truck, my modem and some outdoor cable wire zippuhwhastuff were replaced. Hoorah! Long live my new hero from Franklin County.

When I originally called the provider about the problem and the woman on the phone told me the first available fix-it date was days away, I shrieked in her ear and about fainted. She immediately assured me that they would compensate me for the time I was off-line. I immediately informed her they would have to also pay for my gravestone because I was going to die if I had to go that long without the Internet. She promptly laughed at me. Laughed at me!

Fortunately I have a laptop and wi-fi to thank for my survival.

I plan to hop back into updating I HeArTE JADE post-haste. Well once I’m adequately caught up on what’s been going on across the rest of Cyberland, anyway.