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Hundreds of Marijuana Plants Seized in Albemarle County
August 2010
Hundreds of marijuana plants were seized in Free Union and nearby areas of Albemarle County during two raids Wednesday.

Residents of the western part of Albemarle County reported seeing a military helicopter circling an area near Wesley Chapel Road Wednesday. They also reported seeing what looked like marijuana plants being taken from a nearby property.

While authorities are not releasing much detail on the raid, the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force confirmed that officers did remove marijuana plants from two different locations in the county.

One bust happened on the west side of the county, and the other was on the south side.

Officers say ten marijuana gardens were spotted by the helicopter crew and 485 plants were seized.

Witnesses in the western part of the county say there were many Virginia State Police troopers canvasing the area, carrying what looked like military guns.

The Albemarle County Police Department added that two firearms and drug-related paraphernalia were also confiscated during the raids.

However, police would not say if any arrests were made and refused to make any further comment until the investigation is complete.