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Return Of The JADE-I

Though the entry prior to this one was intended to be somewhat a dramatic cliffhanger, I had not an inkling as I typed it out -- to the raining thuds of boots of raiding officers entering the house -- that it would be quite literally months before I’d be back to continue the I HeArTE JADE saga.

Oh, the stories I have to tell! About the raid, about my incarceration. About reporters and media coverage. About plea agreements, and prosecutors who weasel out of keeping their end of the bargain.

That stuff, and more, will likely work its way out, post by post, in due time. For now I only have a few things to mention in brief.

My bond was not, as the Washington Post reported, $750.00. It was $7500.00. Both amounts are absurd.

Today is the first day since my arrest I’ve been legally permitted to use a computer. Being told you had 75,000 site visitors just in the first week alone of August is not the same as seeing the evidence of it yourself. Although s-e-v-e-n-t-y f-i-v-e thousand hits over a mere few days was still impressive to hear about. Being deprived of Internet access has been like mental jail for me. I will be sleepless for the next four days scarfing up as much online information as I can without my brain bursting. News, recipes, weather, the lost art of the fire service...

Today is the first day since my arrest I’ve been legally permitted to contact law enforcement. The delightfully handsome and getting-smarter-by-the-second county cop, JumpOut, and I will have to start meeting elsewhere since our regular location unfortunately falls within a 300 yard restriction I’m now eternally under.

I pleaded guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice. As a nobody, a someone who’ll never amount to anything, having a couple of misdemeanor charges on my record doesn’t have much of an affect on my life. Every day I will wake up being that same nobody, that same purposeless someone. But at least I will not be waking up in jail.

One of the terms -- out of a slew and a half of them -- is that I remove “the photograph of the JADE officer’s home and his address which resulted in the County charge.” I had no problem agreeing to do that, much like I had no problem pointing out that both the image and the address can be found on the county’s own website. Anyway, I’ve officially complied.

I guess that’s it at the moment.

Gosh, I feel like I’m forgetting something important.

Huh. Never mind. It’ll come to me eventually.