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Pick A Pack Of Public Pictures

Images amuse me. Each on I HeArTE JADE “mouse friendly.” Click! A larger version. Click! An entirely different photograph. Or an article. Or a Facebook page. That teaser snapshot someone is dying, dying, dying, to view full size? Click! Boo-Hoo. It’s identical.

Deliberately designed, that’s. But...

Used to be I titled visual representations without a Google care in the world. Put “Brian O’Donnell” in that .jpg -- I should say not! Stick with Longhead. Then I got to playing more than ever, and watcha know? Exhibit A: Front page results.

Exhibit B: Chad Vernon.

Seek and Yee-Haw, find him!

Exhibit C: Eric Kudro.

I really oughta get a decent pic of him when he’s on duty. Guess I’ll have to wait ‘til he checks out of the Sheraton (or wherever) and gets back in the area.

Exhibit D: Trevor Ross.

Least I’m told that’s none other than the Albemarle County Police Department officer himself. As of this entry, he’s not showing in searches. Though I bet he soon will be.

Hey, you hear that? That’s the sound of a whole online albumful of previously published pictures screaming to be renamed.