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In The Spirit Of Spring

I am cleaning out my Task Force photo album. Or maybe it’s more like I’m hauling it out. Y’see, I have all kinds of old images of Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement activities, these officers and those informants, his cars and her dealers, so on and so forth, just sitting there. On my hard drive. In folders. Going to waste waste WASTE.

Something must be done.

Sure, sure, I can’t publish any of JADE members and that one “special” VSP BCI Agent -- y’all have any idea how many pictures of Jason, aka Jay, Trent his pals have put on the Internet? Let me just say: woah. -- nevertheless nothing’s stopping me from sticking up anything or everything but.

So, HeArTE addicts, prepare for whatever. Probably with nary an accompanying explanation, too.

No guarantee passers-by will find the shots interesting, or even good -- Catherine Leroy I am not -- but I’m going to post ‘em anyway. It’ll make me laugh. And we all know that’s the ultimate goal of this site.