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Mystery Monday

What makes a mystery good is the hope that it can be solved; a mystery that cannot be solved is no fun.

I recently got the final component I needed to unravel a Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement brainteaser I’d been processing for months. It’s for realiously excellent how one bitty piece of information can cause the rest to click.

Rather than explain the shebang in detail like I usually do, I thought this time ‘round I’d provide all the clues and, hey, let yous guys try to figure out just what it was I was tryin’ to figure out.

You’re going to have an advantage that I didn’t, though, since y’all are getting everything necessary, exactly, plus all at once, and in order, whereas in my case a spate of stuff trickled in everywhither and I had to use a relevance pole to fish solely the following out of Lake JADE. Can’t you tell by that atrocious sentence how deliriously amused I am right now?

I HeArTe JADE site


Save McIntire Park


Picture of Joe Hatter and his “boys” -- as he calls them

Article from the Charlottesville Fire Department


Oh, one last comment! If you’re wondering how you’re s’posed to know if you came up with the right answer, uhm...

Reread the post title. ;)