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I Recognize That Ford!

November 17, 2009

A police officer on the way to Tuesday's bank robbery at the Wachovia on 10th Street NE was injured in a wreck. The wreck happened on Route 29 in front of the Seminole Square Shopping Center in Albemarle County.

Police say two officers were in an unmarked vehicle when the[y] pulled into traffic and the car was broadsided. One of the officers was taken to the hospital and his condition is not known right now.

Investigators have not said if the squad car’s lights and sirens were activated at the time of the wreck.

Video link.

That’s Granville “Hot. As. Hell.” Fields’ Taurus!

The tag’s the same. XZT-6767. See?

Got other pictures of it here, and here.

I mentioned the whole crashin’ cop cars thing like just a week ago, too. How weird is that?