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Brian O’Donnell aka Longhead constantly used to tell me I should write things down so I’d remember them. Occasionally others have told me the same. It’s always seemed like good advice whenever I’ve heard it, but for most of my life it’s a suggestion I’ve largely ignored. Until I started the JADE Project, that is.

There was just too much going on with the Task Force for me to not take notes and I soon learned the wild strategy of record-keeping in ink came in quite handy. When my scribbles turned out to be a key factor in the way I identified which Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement officer was John Baber and which was Jon McKay? Awesomesauce!

However, while I very much thought about things like simplicity and protecting the content itself, what I didn’t consider was how my, uh, unique stenography would look overall if anyone else laid eyes on it. Until I got my seized notebooks back from the Virginia State Police, that is.

Ostensibly incongruous words, initials in CAPS, letter/number combinations, loops lines and arrows -- all serve to remind me of something:

But to other viewers, especially ones who’ve already made up their minds I’m a lunatic, ya know pages with little-to-no intelligible meaning really don’t do anything to dispel their notion my clock’s missing its cuckoo. That’s all the more side-splitting when I’m aware that annotations jotted by JADE guys are assuredly not a good deal better: