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Fluvanna Jeweler Faces Numerous Drug Charges 
October 2012 

A Fluvanna County jeweler is facing eight different felony drug charges, accused of having painkillers in his possession and trying to distribute them near a school. 

Officers with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force arrested 45-year-old Charley Kingrea in Charlottesville on Oct. 5. Kingrea owns CK Jewelers in Palmyra. 

Court documents show that on Oct. 5, Kingrea was arrested in Charlottesville on four felony drug charges. The charges included possessing painkillers, namely hydrocodone and oxycodone. Police say he had these drugs within 1,000 feet of a school. 

After his arrest, police also searched his home and business in Fluvanna County. In the search, they found a .357 Magnum pistol and numerous pills. 

On Monday, Kingrea was indicted in Fluvanna on two counts of possession with intent to distribute the pills, and also on two counts of firearm charges. Those charges are in addition to the ones he faces in Charlottesville. 

Kingrea's next court date is pending.