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Is It Wrong That I Find This Amusing?

Virginia State Police On the Look-Out for Missing Vehicle

From Virginia State Police:

State and local law enforcement are on the look out for a missing Ford Expedition belonging to the Virginia State Police. The black 2001 Ford Expedition was discovered missing from the parking lot of the state police Appomattox Division headquarters late Wednesday (June 8, 2011). The headquarters is located off of Route 460 in Appomattox.

The Ford Expedition is a spare vehicle equipped with a blue light attached to the passenger-side sun visor and one blue LED light in the rear window. Its Virginia license plate is XPX 2447.

Upon the vehicle's disappearance, state police immediately initiated an investigation into the vehicle's whereabouts. Law enforcement statewide and throughout the region have also been notified of the vehicle's disappearance.

Anyone who might recognize the vehicle or know anything about its disappearance is asked to please contact the Virginia State Police toll-free at 1-800-552-0962 or (434) 352-7128.