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Hmm... Can A Crack Pipe Be Categorized As A “Gadget”?

Barred from observing JADE-conducted operations, I’ve been occasionally studying, shall we say, the flip-side of their local drug world instead. It’s certainly been interesting socializing with dealers and users, although I admit it’s not quite as much fun as watching members of my favorite Task Force in action. For one thing, despite that some of them are undeniably crafty in the ways they run or do their illegal business, the drug scenists don’t exactly have… professional, if you will, training in their given field; for another, not every single one of these people is armed to the hilt.

Unlike I often do with Law Enforcement, I don’t dare record these contacts. After all, I figure -- I hope, anyway -- officers are kind of limited in how they can react upon finding I’m getting them on tape. I imagine dope-fiends and cocaine sellers aren’t gonna be as inhibited in their responses if any of them ever were to discover a wire on me.

I’ve got a few good stories probably worthy of posting on I HeArTE JADE, however, for obvious reasons, I’d have to be ultra careful not to provide the slightest identifying information about persons involved.

In the meanwhile, here is some random stuff I’ve learned:
  • For all their paranoia about “doing time,” dealers really. don’t. care. about. JADE. Sure a few will mention the boys, but taking serious precautionary measures to avoid being hooked-up? Yeah, not so much.

  • Adverse to the area’s public’s popular belief, there is more than a fair share of gangbangers present in the ‘hood, several of whom have ties to New York, one with what I’d deem an impressive Los Angeles connection.

  • Contrary to what I’ve repeatedly read about the hardcore substances crowd not being so share-y with their narcotics, they’re just as quick and friendly as the pro-marijuana masses to offer “wanna get high?” ‘Course that might merely be ‘cause I’m a girl; albeit I’ve had females extend the invitation as well. And none seem to take issue with a “no thanks,” always my response -- good gawd I’ve got enough going on in my head without adding mind-altering materials to the mix.

  • They’ll also happily give up their paraphernalia if someone tells them she needs it for “later”:

Hey, it’s not my fault the guy didn’t think to ask if I was planning to smoke crack with his pipe or just take a picture of it!