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There Is No Such Thing As A “Restraining Order”

Today was my scheduled hearing for the Order of Protection that Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Agent John A. Stoltz requested the court grant him.

Back in August 2010, prior to my arrest at his behest, Mr. Stoltz had gone and gotten an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) against me.

Lemme explain the deal with these gooftard EPO thingies. Essentially anyone can get an EPO against anyone -- without notice to the other party. Pretty much all the alleged “victim” has to do is tell a compelling story to a magistrate. The tale doesn’t really have to be true, merely believable enough to get the chosen authority to sign off on the object. It’s not uncommon for vindictive people to venally embellish or out-and-out lie to get an EPO and considering the magistrate never needs evidence or to verify anything spoken or shown to him, there’s nothing to induce honesty or reasonableness in the procedure.

Case in point: according to records, Mr. Stoltz misquoted, in writing, things I published on I HeArTE JADE. It had to be deliberate; it’s not as if my words aren’t preserved here to be quoted verbatim. Hell, he could’ve carried in a printout if it was too much trouble for him to ink the exact comments down on paper by hand! Ya gotta figure if I’m as bad as he tried making me out to be, he wouldn’t have had to make stuff up. Plus, the magistrate could’ve adequately read my site to, at minimum, have some context, yet he did not. Shame on both of them.

Honestly, take yourself a close, serious, look at it and it’s not hard to understand how and why this what-otherwise-could-be-beneficial legal procedure is often abused.

Oh, did I mention an EPO is valid for only 72 hours? That’s right. Apparently it can’t go on, like, endlessly. Because somewhere along the line the person whom the EPO is not in favor of, gee, has to be afforded the opportunity to defend himself or herself in front of a judge. Isn’t that swell?

In my case, by the time The Game actually got around to slinging silver bracelets on me, the Emergency Protective Order Mr. Stoltz was granted had already expired without ever being served on me! Then due to the arrest, the conditions of my bail/bond, in addition to the interminable courtroom drama, basically I was subjected, with no objection from me, to an ongoing temporary Protective Order. Once my trial was over -- aw yeah -- a date was selected for my entitled full hearing on the issue.

Lemme explain the deal with these Order of Protection thingies. They can last for up to 2 years. They can contain any conditions and restrictions, imposed all at the discretion of a judge. Chilling. Yeah, that about covers it.

So. I arrived at the Greene County Courthouse at precisely 9:12AM.

The estimable Mr. Stoltz didn’t. even. bother. to. show. up.

I’d like to believe that after Agent Stoltz revealed himself as a fool, and a manipulative yellow-bellied government hire, during the past trial, and worried I would, in front of the, yes, same judge as always, debunk his antecedent prevarications to the magistrate, he was too embarrassed and conscience-afflicted to be present. Probably, though, the real reason is that he was just plain too dang lazy to come.

Regardless, guess this matter wasn’t as grave or important to him as he’d implied.

Well. The only thing the judge needed to do was release me from the binds of the temporary Order of Protection, which he did.

Wondering where this leaves me in the grand scheme of things relating to the spectacular ATF Agent Mr. John Stoltz? Right back where I started, I suppose. Free to ridicule him as I see fit. And post concomitant images. I’m free to do that again, too.