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Infinitesimal Reflections AKA Evidence Locker #3

(Left: ATF Agent Michael Moore
Center: CPD Detective Todd Lucas
Right: ATF Agent Dave Stone)

From my last court experience, I learned:
  • The fantastic fanatic ATFer David Stone is purportedly in the Richmond VA area, not Washington DC as I’d been led to believe. Kinda cool since I don’t make many trips to DC, whereas I do venture over the Richmond way quite a bit these days. Now, let’s see, where, oh where, is that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives office located again?
  • Charlottesville Detective (and have I ever mentioned gang aficionado?) Todd Lucas is not merely good-natured, he’s borderline comedian.
  • Scott Cox looks better in a Greene County Sheriff’s Office uniform than he did in an Albemarle County Police Department uniform. But he’s decidedly yummiest in Tac garb.
  • Whom. Eons back, VSP Bureau of Criminal Investigations’ Special Agent Jason Trent blurted out to me that I’d published photographs of a car belonging to a Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force Confidential Informant. ‘Twas news to me. So, for the purpose of removing said images from I HeArTE JADE, I begged him to tell me which; he, being LEO-typical contrite to helpfulness, refused. Here it is, like, hello, over a year later, and thanks to Greene County Commonwealth Attorney Ron Morris and ATF Agent John Stoltz inadvertent rendering, I have the information! Only… I don’t want to delete pictures of the vehicle at this point because:
  • They’ve already been on the site for, like, hello, over a year.
  • They’re in a hilarious post, stemming from a hilarious event.
  • The victim of the CI is wise to who snitched him out anyway.
  • I don’t want to draw any more attention to them than, well, than I just did.
  • Speaking of crazy admissions by the CA and Mr. Stoltz, I was shocked to hear them acknowledge jastoltz is in fact the computer login user ID of the latter. I mean, sure, obviously I knew it was, but I didn’t think they would want anyone else to know I knew. And I almost laughed out loud when Mr. Morris woefully confessed to the courtroom they’re aware I have sources but were unable to unearth them. Yes, yes, yes! I protect my CIs better than policemen do theirs! Nah ner nah ner nah ner.
  • Officers do a very good job of weaseling out of answering questions they don’t want to.
  • Officers don’t do a very good job of appearing as if they aren’t trying to weasel out of answering questions they don’t want to.
  • If I had a penny for every time one of the local rank and file cops as well as Federal Agents name-dropped C-ville’s Chief of Police, Tim Longo, I’d be able to pay off all my court costs.
  • When I grow up I reallyreallyreally really want to be a Computer Forensic Expert. Or maybe a Fairy Princess.
  • There are both advantages and disadvantages to not setting the time and date correctly on one’s camera.
  • My court-appointed lawyer was the uber-awesomest.
  • Finally, I learned that a Judge -- even one who’s a former State Trooper -- will not always side with members of Law Enforcement. ‘Specially if doing so puts him at risk of seeming plumb brainsick.