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Wrongful Imprisonment

I’ll try to fully explain later, but for now:

I am off to jail for the next 48 hours to re-serve time I’ve already served. The Hook may or may not have a story about it while I’m incarcerated.

I will say in brief:

One would imagine the twits who control the City and County would be doing everything in their power to keep me out of their Kingdom rather than repeatedly dragging me into it on purpose. They seriously seem to have all the logic and critical thinking skills of a dust mite, so, you know, duh!


Given that Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail provides no parking for “weekenders,” and I am not local to the area, I’ll be leaving my vehicle at a place where it won’t get towed or ticketed, and hitchhiking the rest of the way there. Obviously I’m assuming I won’t wind up dead in a field but I figure I should have my travel plans on the record -- just in case.

Until next week:

Kiss, kiss!