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Search, Seize, And Stultify

So the skillful fellows got an after-the-fact search warrant for the stuff in my vehicle they illegally searched and seized. I still have not been provided an official list of what items of mine are in the possession of Law Enforcement. I did note that they swiped my unmarked backup CD of Photoshop but left me my disc with “VSP Trooper Long” sharpied on it. Incentive to mislabel such objects for future potential grabs of my belongings by the police, wouldn’t you say? No doubt doing so would provide me lawmen-related bĂȘtises to further ridicule -- as if there aren’t enough already. This last one has finally convinced me these guys truly suck at searches. According to Greene County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Snead -- I believe this is him, though because of the surname I first thought the man handling the case was his cousin, another Greene County Officer, who participated in the Colby Eppard murder -- my property was promptly shipped to the state crime lab in Richmond, Virginia. Funny, my laptop still has the fabulous “evidence” sticker tape on it from the last time it was sent there! Heck, I was just there in that area myself the week prior, I think it was, taking pictures. I’ve been expanding my photography territory, you see: