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Nic Nick Nicky Nicholas Rudman

Here ya go, sweetheart, since I caught you looking, I’ve made it nice and easy for you to track yourself on this site; oh, and I included your name here, too, for others who seek you out as well -- ‘cause I’m all courteous like that. I also added Greene County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Rodney Snead to my Entry Labels list. Can’t have him feeling left out or anything.

Speaking of searches, recently a mass amount of New Yorkers have landed here due to their Craig Sorokti queries. In fact, according to last month’s keyword activity, Officer Sorokti actually exceeded superterrif ACPD honey Eric Kudro in hits. I never thought I’d see the moment anyone would surpass him!

Lessee… Incomers for Marc Brake (under several variations), the usual iheartejades and i hearte jades, someone wanting Michael Hogberg’s court date, plus a Sirchie.

And one CESAR RUIZ AYALA NUPCIAS TUXTLA GUTIERREZ. Yeah, no, I haven’t the muzziest what that’s about either.