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obiter dicta

I was not surprised to learn one of the Task Force Officers has shot somebody; I was surprised to learn more than one of the Task Force Officers has shot somebody.

I was not surprised to get a voicemail from Dasani shortly after I made this entry; I was surprised to get an invitation to lunch from him once I returned his call.

I was not surprised to hear members of JADE were telling their friends about this blog; I was surprised to hear they’re telling their acquaintances about it.

I’ve accumulated too much information. I can’t believe I just typed that -- that’s sacrilegious! Realiously, I never expected to have so much JADE stuff. And so many places to get more JADE stuff. And I can’t put all the JADE stuff on I HeArTE JADE. So the JADE stuff is piling up. Mostly in my head. Badge numbers, and telephone numbers, and license plate numbers, and mailbox numbers, and route numbers, and case file numbers, and… I DON’T EVEN LIKE NUMBERS. They’re too Math-y for my feminine brain.

Did I mention I’ve got two new JADE resources? I love this avocation.

Sometimes I reread pieces I wrote on iHeArTEjade and think “OMG I sound like a complete bitch.” My words in print almost always exactly match my thoughts but I often struggle to convey the correct sentiment through them. My responses to Charlottesville Police Chief Longo are perfect examples of expressing myself the wrong way.

More and more I’m likin’ Longhead’s decision to tint his car windows. His vehicle went from being one of a million to one in a million. Gone are the days of having to be twelve feet away to identify him; now he can be identified from twelve miles away. I’m tellin’ ya, even at night that Taurus of his sticks out more than Pamela Anderson’s chest.


I do believe a few of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement agents are trying to prove I can’t conceal myself from them anymore, that they can see me anytime. I think it’s great, for instance, that Spot can distinguish my car in the dark after I’ve come around the block across the street from the Ix building. For that, he deserves a Pepsi. He should only get to drink half of it, though, unless he can say where he and I both were 45 minutes earlier.

Sad will I be if ever I can’t walk by the TFOs and snap photographs of them without getting noticed. Taken 20090402:

They like playing hide and seek with me. I know they do.